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Every new business wants to add value to its brand. Websites, apps, and marketing materials all help increase brand recognition. In turn, this boosts customer acquisition and therefore sales. Each of these outlets requires content. A beautiful design and a well-executed advertisement are the best ways to grab a potential client’s attention. However, once you have prospects on your website, a lack of quality content is an immediate turn-off. Make sure you are making those “potential” clients into “active” clients and keeping them engaged with compelling web content.

Studies show an increasing number of consumers prefer casual articles or blogs to advertisements. With the ease of data retrieval the internet provides, consumers have more information available at their fingertips and are better educated than ever. One fascinating advertisement is no longer enough to convince them of a product’s value. Instead, people want to read about services and items before purchasing. Consumers are more likely to buy something they can research. It is now on the business owners to give people what they want: content and information. If you are not providing it for them, you run the risk of losing them to other sources who have integrated quality content into their strategies.

Content trends in 2014 by type - look at the chart that will set up the content trends in 2014. Social media engagement is gaining on on-site content and other types of advertisement.

We understand why data is crucial, and how to navigate this online landscape to produce the best possible results. Search engine optimization is a creature of the internet-based age. Known as SEO, it determines which web pages land on the top of the screen when a customer enters search terms. This system rewards sites that have high quality content. However, web pages that are bogged down by spam, contain only fragments of information, or have low quality content are shuffled to the bottom of the page.

Upstate Design Group is here to make sure your page does not get shoved down the list. Our team knows how to generate the kind of content that gets you a high SEO ranking. We will design social media blasts that deliver engaging, shareable pieces to potential clients, enabling greater client interactions. Our team will also craft blogs specific to your client-base—high- quality, fascinating pieces that draw increasing followers over time. Marketers experience a high rate of visitor conversions with well-run blogs. The more people who stumble upon your blog articles, the more people will traverse your website. This increases brand awareness and further elevates your SEO ranking due to high traffic levels.

If all of this sounds Greek to you, fret not. The team at Upstate Design Solutions is here to help. We love to combine our passion for small businesses with an eye for design and an intimate knowledge of successful marketing strategy. All of these elements come together to make us the right solution to your content creation woes.

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